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Helen Wang

Guillermo Merlo

About our story

Passion. Intensity. Sensuality. Elegance. 

Guillermo Merlo and Helen Wang


Since the first time Guillermo and Helen embraced each other on the dance floor, they’ve been inseparable. Helen’s sensuality in the dance is captivating and Guillermo’s energy, infectious. They are a unique tango couple with different backgrounds and experience that brings passion, romance and elegance together - a first in the tango history with such a powerful and extraordinary combination. Intensity, sensuality, emotions, connection are all the things that they remind us why we love Argentine tango. 


$10/drop in

This series of classes is suitable for all levels. Proper footwork is vital for proper posture, balance and movement of a dancer. Techniques and embellishments


7:00PM EST

40 mins

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Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 12.31.55


$10/drop in

Each class, we present two orchestras and we will show you how to interpret the music differently using the same sequences of movements. Suitable for all levels.


7:00pm est

40 mins

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